Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck,” is a procedure to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall and to remove excess skin and fat. This procedure is commonly performed on women after pregnancy, but is also performed on men, usually after a large weight loss.

How do you know if you just need liposuction of the abdomen or a tummy tuck? Liposuction will only remove excess fat and will not tighten any muscle or remove skin. A candidate for a tummy tuck would be someone whose abdominal muscle and skin are so stretched that it will not return to what would be considered ‘normal’. This excess skin and loose muscle does not respond to exercise and is uncomfortable for the patient.

Depending on the amount of muscle and tissue needing repair, your surgeon might recommend a partial or ‘mini’ abdominoplasty, or full abdominoplasty.

Post Operative Care

During Your Hospital Stay

  • a dressing will cover the wound and it is likely that you will require a wound drain for 24-48hrs. This may be removed in hospital or after discharge in our rooms. A post operative compression garment is very important after abdominal surgery. We will assist you in organising this prior to your admission to hospital. Otherwise, loose comfortable clothing would be best for your hospital stay.


  • it is very important that you REST and that you have someone at home to help you. Adequate fluids and a sensible diet are essential. Depending on the type of abdominal surgery you will be advised to avoid driving for up to 6 weeks (at least 4 weeks for most major abdominal surgery). It is also important to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for up to 6 weeks following the operation to allow your abdominal muscles to heal well. We will expect you to continue to wear your post operative garment for 6 weeks after the operation to aid your recovery by supporting your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles.


  • you will see our nurse 7-10 days after the operation. Dressings will be removed and replaced with lighter dressings. We will discuss your pain relief needs and any concerns you have regarding your recovery. We will also discuss scar management at this appointment. Our nurse is available Mon-Fri for appointments and to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.